Paid Media

We can Account for Every Click

While you’re working on owning your organic traffic, you might need to speed things up a little with a dash of pixie dust…i.e. paid advertising. Paid Search Marketing will act as your in-between while you’re busy working on your search ranking goals and SEO results. It will help your business increase visibility. You can count on us!

Keyword Research

Get in control of your data through intuitive dashboards. We’ll provide you with insights so you are always in control of your choices and can create a positive outcome. Furthermore, we work closely with you to create attribution models and LTV Cohorts suited for your business.

Let the Bidding Begin!

Through our in-house and third-party programmatic channels, we’ll take care of your budget and spend it wisely. A wrong bid can exhaust your funds incredibly fast without delivering the appropriate results. Our team identifies the right balance between generating traffic and getting the desired results for the right CPA.

There’s a Story Behind your Numbers

There’s one thing you need to know about us…we simply love DATA! We’re here to analyse your results and check on quality scores and conversions on an ongoing basis. Our team will provide easy-to-digest reports on how future campaigns can deliver better results.

Create Reach to Drive Engagement

Every successful campaign requires targeted relevant ads. For campaigns to run smoothly, we define and groom a set of audiences down your conversion funnel to create intent and engagement with your brand. Our team will evaluate location, language, devices, network, and your audience to ensure your targeting is spot on!