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Apidae is made up of a team of professional experts specialising in data, digital marketing and performance strategy.

Our team is able to transform businesses and organisations into consumer-centric leaders using data and digital marketing to the utmost of your advantage.

Our Trusted Partners

Driving the Right Kind of Traffic to your Business

We’re interested in projects that get us buzzing. We start by getting to know your business objectives and translating them into tangible goals. We identify and track all the key customer touchpoints across your user journey and build out the right marketing channel mix so you’re geared towards growth that is always in line with your objectives.

What We Do


With 25+ years of experience working in this field, we know a successful affiliate program when we see one. We want to see you thrive which is why our aim is to connect you with the right partners to direct traffic and conversions to your brand.

Paid Media

We understand the importance of segmenting by visitor interests, ensuring the right kind of visitor is matched with the right offer. We focus on customer acquisition via Display Advertising, helping numerous iGaming, Fintech and Crypto clients achieve success. Our data-driven approach to Paid Search and Display Advertising will help optimise and scale according to profitability to maximise your ROI.

Data Governance

In today’s digital world, the number of platforms a marketing team uses are many. However, with every new system introduced, fragmentation becomes an inevitable reality. Here at Apidae, we take that headache off your plate, connect your different sources and turn your data into a central source of truth across all your marketing to enable you to take informed decisions based on insights and optimisation.


Apidae did some excellent work in helping us to build a case for a multiple geo entry. Their team and expertise shed light over insights, verticals and recommendations and helped us to move forward in the geos.

Mery Blomqvist
CMO – Ellmount Group

Insights and optimisations provided by the Apidae team allowed us to scale our business as well as identify new markets for growth. The Apidae team also enabled us to understand more clearly the ROI across our marketing channels.

Nigel Renouf
CEO – Mongoose Marketing Ltd