Sourcing the Right Affiliates for You

Our expertise in the iGaming industry has led us to understand what makes a successful affiliate program. While you concentrate on running your business, let us do what we do best…in this case, choosing the right affiliates for you.

We’ll Get Specific

Untargeted traffic can hurt your ROI and nobody wants that! We’re here to hand-pick affiliates that cater to your business needs. We’ll onboard the right affiliates for you, ensure they have all the material they need to promote your brand and monitor their performance to be certain that they generate positive results for your business.

We’ll Create a Target List

Together with the research that we conduct to find the right affiliates for you, we will also create a scoring system in order to easily understand which affiliates have the greatest potential and should be prioritised from a budget perspective. We do this by evaluating the traffic stats for each affiliate across a set of target keywords depending on your focus market and products. Your very own hit list is at your service! 

Your Destined Affiliates are out there somewhere…

You just have to know where to look. Luckily for you, that will be our job! Affiliate marketing is all about connecting your business with similar audiences and directing traffic from their site to yours. However, if you don’t know the right technique, an affiliate program might end up being unsuccessful and unprofitable. We’ll conduct keyword and market research to analyse your target audience and determine which affiliates are right for you.

Still, Wondering How We Do this?

Our team has created our pride and joy tool called apiRank designed to find the right affiliates for your business. We’re not interested in over-complicating things. We simply want to help you find the best solution for your business and help you ensure that these affiliates deliver the much anticipated and desired results!